AstroGrav (Mac) 1.3.4

    AstroGrav is an astronomy software program that allows you to simulate how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity. It features superb interactive 3D graphics which allow you to move around within a many-body astronomical system, while watching how it evolves with the passage of time. A wide variety of sample files are provided, including Solar System, space mission, and abstract systems, and these enable you to experiment with the astronomy software without having to enter your own data. The comprehensive editing facilities allow you to either create your own astronomical systems, or to modify existing ones, and provide you with an almost endless scope for experimentation and investigation. AstroGrav calculates how astronomical objects move according to Newton's Law of Gravitation, and displays the results as they are calculated so that you can watch the system evolve as in a movie. AstroGrav is very accurate, dynamically calculates orbits as a system evolves, deals correctly with object collisions, and can cope simultaneously with objects on many different timescales. AstroGrav is available for both Mac and Windows, comes complete with a tutorial and full documentation, and you can download a fully functional 15 day trial version for evaluation.

AstroGrav (Mac)


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Home & Education / Science

Operating System

Mac OS X


AstroGrav Astronomy Software
Program system requirements: 500 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, Mac OS X 10.2 minimum, 128 MB RAM, 50 MB disk space

New in this version:Significantly speeded up simulation evolution. Improved the model window graphics by removing the 'edges' that could sometimes be seen on object auras. Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
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Tags:  astronomy, gravity, simulation, space, solar system, kepler's laws, planetary motion, newton's law of gravitation, many body system, n-body problem, orbit, projectile, escape velocity, gravitational slingshot, educational, interactive, 3d, animated,

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