Comodo Internet Security 3.5

    What PC users say about Comodo's award-winning firewall: This is an excellent firewall....a very solid firewall that can already compete with some major players. A few more features and keep it as good as it is now , HOLY COW ! This could be THE firewall!!! Wonderful attitude around here and support is excellent. Very nice indeed
I gave CPF a 5. I haven't had one issue with the firewall itself. I love the look and feel of it, the smooth running unlike others. I have had no port, program or any other blocking issues with this firewall and continue and will ALWAYS continue to use it. After using ZA for years, it's like going from a Pinto to a mustang. It's one of those programs that just become a part of your PC, like it was made there. Gotta love it.

I just wanted to say thank you. I have tried your firewall and it is without a doubt, the best firewall I have ever used. For the first time ever, I passed Shields UP with 100% Stealth rating...
Excellent job!. I am very much looking forward to installing Comodo Antivirus as soon as it is released as a full working version. I had downloaded the Beta version. I am more than impressed with Comodo. I have Ivault, Verification Engine & Firewall installed at present. I have had zero issues with these products. You've definitely got my vote.

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) combines Comodo's sturdy firewall and state-of-the-art antivirus protection in one suite. Defends your PC against 1 billion+ executables including viruses, root kits, Trojans, and zero-day attacks. More than 10 million PC users around the world rely on Comodo for total Internet protection. And even with all these great features, CIS is free.

Comodo Internet Security








Internet / Tools & Utilities

Operating System

WinXP,Windows Vista Home Premium


Comodo Security solutions, Inc.
Program system requirements: 64 MB RAM, 70 MB Hard Disk Space

New in this version:In case of update release
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