Spy Phone 3.0

    Call Magic Pro for Nokia 6600 We are proud to offer this first of its kind Spy Phone solution in this industry. With a regular Nokia 6600 (firmware 4.09) you can now spy on anyone using our software. When someone calls the phone, it rings and operates as a normal telephone but when the phone is called using the pre-defined number, it automatically answers without any ringing, lights, change in the phones screen display or creating logs.

The phone works like a normal mobile phone and so shows nothing suspicious or unusual to the user.

This solution, puts the power of configuration and managing the phone right into your hands. No need to contact us again, or ask for a SMS to reset or change the number. You can simply enter a exclusive code to bring up the configuration screen to change the number or activate/de-activate spy mode.

You can access the phone from anywhere in the world with no range limitations, just dial in and listen.

This version of Call Magic offers the following features:

1. Call Breakthrough: When spying is going on and another user calls, the spy call disconnected automatically (without log creation) and lets the other number ring normally. For e.g.: When you call the Spy Phone from the pre-defined number (your call is in progress). At this time if another caller was to call the Spy Phone, they will hear the phone ring instead of the phone being as busy. Moreover, the user with the Spy Phone will also see hear the phone ring normally and will be able to answer the call. Your phone call however would graciously disconnect without creating logs or backlights!

2. Phone answers without ring, changes in screen display or backlight, i.e. answers in ghost mode.

3. Logs of incoming call from pre defined number does not exist

4. 100% software based solution.

5. Special hidden software installed already in phone to manage spy number or activate/de-activate status of Spy Phone.







300.00 USD


Security & Privacy / Covert Surveillance

Operating System



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