Trojan Remover 6.5.3

    Trojan Remover is designed to automatically remove malware (trojans, worms, adware, spyware, etc.) from a PC when standard anti-virus software has either failed to detect the malware or is unable to effectively eliminate it. It can also detect and disable/remove malware hidden using rootkit techniques.

The majority of Virus and Trojan scanners are well able to detect malicious files but are not very efficient in removing them if they have already been triggered. Trojan Remover can detect and remove malware without the user having to manually edit system files, including the Windows Registry, and all without using SAFE mode.

New malware files are found daily. Many of the newer trojans, worms (and some Spyware) use rootkit techniques to hide their presence. This means that the files are not visible on the system. Trojan Remover uses specially designed routines to automatically detect files hidden in this way, and alerts the user of their presence. These files can be disabled and/or completely removed.

Trojan Remover also removes the additional system modifications some malware programs carry out which are ignored by most other Virus and Trojan scanners.

Trojan Remover records information to a logfile each time a new Scan is activated. This logfile contains detailed information on which system areas were checked, which programs/files are loaded at boot time and what (if any) actions were taken. The logfile is viewable from the Main Menu and can provide valuable system information.

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New in this version:New detection/removal routines added.
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