Autocad 2000-2006 Add on 3D-Blocks Autocad 2000-2006 Add on 3D-Blocks 1.01
Sigle building system consists of a series of commands executed within AutoCAD LT software The corresponding programs sigle are written for construction
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Excel Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide All Cells Software Excel Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide All Cells Software 1.1
Quickly apply standard math operation to a group of selected cells in MS Excel. The program is very easy to use -- addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of a number (percentage, fixed value, sum, etc.) to any cells in your workbook.
math, multiple, many, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, divisor, multiplier, quotient,
Lock My Computer Lock My Computer 1.3.1
Lockdown and password-protect your computer to let somebody browse the web on, without worrying they can damage your PC. *Hides everything but desktop wallpaper (background image) *Double click hot spot in upper left corner of screen to bring up password dialog for access to main menu to open browser or unlock PC. *Uses Mozilla engine, has time-limited browsing, Blocks downloads/popups *Works with free porn-blocker Naomi -
kid-safe, security, privacy, lock, hide, disable, block, remove, protect, secure,
MS Word Find and Replace In Multiple Documents Software MS Word Find and Replace In Multiple Documents Software 7.0
Search and replace text in many MS Word documents without having to open them. This program will make your universal changes in seconds and even mass replace headers and footers.
ms word, finding, replacing, text, mass, editing, search, headers, footers, find and replace,
Extract Data & Text From Multiple Files Software Extract Data & Text From Multiple Files Software 7.0
Search for text within multiple files and, if found, extract the line. Extract lines that do not contain certain text. Extract text between starting and ending characters throughout files. Extract the same lines by number from multiple files.
extraction, extracting, extracted, extracts, from, csv, how to, txt, huge, delimited,
Casper Bandwidth Monitor Casper Bandwidth Monitor 1.3
Casper Bandwidth Monitor software is a utility that supports monitoring all of your network adapters at once. Be able to lock/unlock all open connections on your PC with one click.
bandwidth monitor, monitor, bandwidth, lock connections, unlock connections, lock, unloack, block, download speed, upload speed,
Spy Killer Spy Killer 5.0
Spy Killer is an award-winning spyware, malware, and adware detector, remover, and shield. Spy Killer also includes an advanced popup blocker. The spyware / adware scan detects and eliminates thousands of hidden programs. Spy Killer's shield feature prevents certain spyware and adware from being installed on your PC. This unique feature works even while Spy Killer is running silently in the background in stealth mode.
anti spyware, detection, prevention, spyware, adware, malware, anti-spy, clean tracks, detect spyware, scan,
Drive Blocker Drive Blocker 1.0.0
Block and disable removable drives (flash drives, etc.) and drives that use removable disks (CD's, floppies). User selected password required to access removable media. Stop data theft, installation of unauthorized software. Reduce infections of viruses, worms, trojans.
block, disable, removable, external, drives, flash, drive, cd, floppy, data theft,
Tetris Arena Tetris Arena 1.9
Tetris Arena is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. This game will keep you playing for days on end because it comes with mind-boggling special effects, 12 ear-pleasing background tracks in stereo and addictive gameplay. Moreover, there are four different game variations to choose from: Standard, Advanced, Special and Crazy which were specially developed for players of various abilities and preferences.
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MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data, Text & Characters Software MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data, Text & Characters Software 7.0
Add, remove, find and replace characters, spaces, enters, tabs in multiple Word documents. Features include: add x to beginning of each line, add x to end of each line, add x before every y character(s) in entire, add x after every y character(s) in entire, remove all spaces, remove blank lines (carriage returns / enters), remove alphabet character(s), remove numeric character(s), remove alphanumeric character(s).
multiple, many, batch, text, block, from, docs, documents, del, eliminate,
Blockworks Blockworks 3.10
Blockworks, the virtual construction toy for kids of all ages, has 100's of carefully drawn parts can be arranged in infinite ways, allowing endless building possibilities. Then use animated parts, ambient sounds and color backgrounds to increase the fun. You will also gain exclusive access to the online user community, create Windows wallpapers, print hard copies and much more. You will be amazed at the infinite possibilities of Blockworks!
virtual, building, construction, construct, toy, game, block, model, part, piece,
MySQL Delete (Remove) Duplicate Entries Software MySQL Delete (Remove) Duplicate Entries Software 7.0
Use this program to search and delete duplicate data (values, records, rows and numbers) in your MySQL tables. All redundant entries are eliminated leaving behind only one unique instance. You select which fields (columns) to use as criteria, so you can find duplicate rows based on all or some of the values in the row.
unique, data, search, values, records, rows, numbers, database, dbs, info,
Befuddled3 Befuddled3 1.0
Befuddled3 is a one of a kind, 3D block puzzle game that will test your speed, sorting abilities, and problem solving skills. Because the game is played in a true 3D environment, you will have to rotate around the board, rotate to a different height angle, and zoom in and out to move blocks around the board. The game is played in a variety of environments including grassy plains, deserts, mountains, jagged plains, and caverns.
befuddled3, cubes, cube, block, blocks, befuddled, game, games, 3d, awesome,
Enterprise Mail Server Enterprise Mail Server 5.2
This is a high-performance SMTP POP3 server program designed for large enterprises and Internet Service Providers. It has a lot of security features and options that allow you to protect the server from DDoS attacks as well as safely block SPAM and spammer. As a personal solution, it is ideal for laptop PC users who travel a lot and have to use different ISP on the run. Using the program, you will never encounter a sending problem.
server, smtp, pop, internet, service, providers, performance, mail, email, servers,
SuperLib Personal Version SuperLib Personal Version 3.1.17
SuperLib is a drawing/picture library management software. It is designed for people who work with drawing and picture files, such as Mechanical Design Engineers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing / Fire Protection Engineers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Software UI Designers/Develpers, etc. SuperLib helps you collect your drawing/picture files into a library, organize them by virtual folders. You can add...
drawing, picture, library, management, symbol, block, manager, dwg, bmp, jpg,


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