MASTER-DESIGN ART-SHOP X-Lite is a software for sales points furniture, craftsmen... You can design your Kitchen, Bathroom, Cabinet and Office in 2D/3D in a easy way. You get the room plan with furnitures, rendering, virtual reality... ART-SHOP X-Lite comes from MASTER-DESIGN professinal solutions for industry furniture and sales points. Goto to to read about it and to check for update.
cad, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, office, cabinet, plan, 2d, 3d, rendering,
AnyZip AnyZip 1.10
Decompress archive of Zip, GZip, Tar, Gzipped Tar, Cab, JAR or RAR format. Create archive in Zip, GZip, Tar format. AnyZip Wizard help beginner user extract, create and update a compressed archive. Features filter support in creating archive. Explorer Integration and full drag-and-drop support in Windows Shell. Built-in SFX creator for creating Self-Extracting Archive.
compression, zip, extract, decompression, archiver, packer, utility, gzip, ungzip, tar,
Scan and Sort it Pro + OCR Scan and Sort it Pro + OCR 6.0
Store handwritten and printed documents in a searchable database with this archiving tool.
digital, archive, archiving, document, management, cabinet, paperless, scan, ocr, sort,
UltimateZip 2007 UltimateZip 2007 3.1
UltimateZip 2007 is an easy to use archive utilty. With it's flexible user interface, UltimateZip is easy to use for first-time users and offers many features for power users. UltimateZip supports archive formates like: ZIP, RAR, ACE, 7-ZIP and more. UltimateZip comes with full support for AES standard(128-bit/192-bit/256-bit AE-1 & AE-2), and offers strong file encryption with the UZE encryption format.
ultimatezip zip, blak hole, cabinet, jar, lha, lzh, gzip, tar, ace, arc,
TurboBass Express TurboBass Express 6.01B
TurboBass Express is a precise tool, developed to specifically design a cabinet to perform in the confines of a car boot tuned to cope with road noise And internal pressure. No other program I know of will perform this specific task. All you need is a technical data sheet from the manufacturer of The mid range, woofer or sub woofer. You only need three of the parameters to Calculate the desired cabinet needed.
turbobass, turbo bass, cabinet, loudspeaker, car, subwoofer, sub, mid range, speaker, bass,
TurboZIP Express TurboZIP Express 7.0
TurboZIP Express is a powerful and intuitive, easy to use solution for handling ZIP and CAB files. In addition to the convenient and colorful toolbar buttons for the most-used operations, the system integrates beautifully with Windows to quickly ZIP, CAB, UnZIP single or multiple files, and more, without even opening up the program. Clear and logical right-mouse menus and drag and drop procedures bring incredible convenience to your fingertips.
turbozip, zip, zip file, unzip, cab, cabinet, cab files, turbo, zip files, unzipping,
Paquet Builder Paquet Builder
Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip, Zip and Cabinet Self-Extracting archive maker and a Setup routine generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, create flexible and compact self-extractors for professional file and software delivery. Visually construct simple or sophisticated multilanguage distribution and installation packages; change any detail of your setup's design and behavior, protect files, work with custom actions and much more
paquet builder, paquet, sfx, self extracting, installer, file, 7z, 7-zip, zip, cabinet,
DocuCabinet DocuCabinet 2.2
DocuCabinet is a document management software for home and businesses. It allows you to capture, scan, store, index, organize, retrieve and search for all your scanned papers, image and computer documents with ease. Documents are stored in a filing structure similar to a traditional paper filing cabinet system with Cabinet-Drawer-Folder hierarchy. You can add title, notes, value, dates, and categorize it from a pre-defined list with index keys.
document, management, filing, scan, scanning, organize, organizing, paper, fax, imaging,
INF-Tool Lite 6.3d
INF-Tool, the Setup Program Generator for Windows, lets you design full-featured program installations including Uninstall in seconds. Generates super-small setup packages thus making expensive and huge-sized Installation software (and long downloads for your users) obsolete. Comes with all typical software setup features and supports 26 languages - just check it out!
inftool, inf-tool, inf_tools, inf_tool, infsetup, infinstall, inf, .inf, setup, inf-setup,
Cabinet Screensaver Cabinet Screensaver 1.0
Cabinet screensaver for your PC. Contains high quality cabinet images.
cabinet screensaver, cabinet, screensaver, cupboard, dresser, closet, drawer,
Cabinets CHMod Calculator Cabinets CHMod Calculator 1.0
Cabinets CHMod Calculator for your personal computer.
cabinets chmod calculator, chmod calculator, calculator, chmod, cabinet,
PC enclosures PC enclosures 1
PC enclosure wallpaper. The next generation of computers is quantum computers. The reason behind continuing computer evolution is the continuing thirst we have for speed and capacity of our computers. Way back in 1947 an engineer and computing expert, Howard Aiken, predicted that all the United States need to satisfy its need for computers were six digital electronic computers.
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