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1)   dhtmlxTree - JavaScript Tree Menu 1.3
Cross-browser JavaScript Tree Menu with XML support, rich API and dynamical data loading via Ajax. The tree has checkboxes, context menu, drag-and-drop and editable items. There are CF and JSP tags for dhtmlxTree, as well as ASP.NET custom control.
License:Shareware, 99 USD to buy Size: 0.17 MB
2)   Borders 1.0b
A set of custom Borders for your Java Swing applications - including animated colours, a 3d-effect shadowed border and a PictureFrame border.
License:Freeware, USD to buy Size: 0.04 MB
3)   JCavaj Java Decompiler 1.10
JCavaj Java Decompiler is a free Java-based Java Decompiler. It reconstructs the original source code from a compiled binary class file. You can decompile java applets, jar and zip files producing accurate java source code.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 0.8 MB
4)   Jigsaw Java Applet 1.0
Jigsaw Java Applet is a fancy addition to your site. Your visitors will come back soon and invite their friends and relatives to visit your site and to play the game of Jigsaw. You can make puzzles from your own pictures.
License:Shareware, 24.90 USD to buy Size: 0.14 MB
5)   RTree 1.1
Navigation applet that can create several types of menus, trees, vertical, horizontal. Includes Designer for easy and fast development and testing. No much HTML knowledge required. It supports Java script integration.
License:Shareware, 35 USD to buy Size: 0.06 MB
6)   JTree
JTree is a professional Java tree menu applet with XML support, dynamical loading, cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility and powerful client-side API. This component is highly useful for representation of structured data.
License:Shareware, 149 USD to buy Size: 0.30 MB
7)   Jar2Exe Standard Edition 1.8
This tool is to convert JAR archive into EXE Executive. It supports three types of executives: Console, Windows GUI, Windows NT Service. The generated Exe file can find valid JRE itself.
License:Shareware, 14.95 USD to buy Size: 1.07 MB
8)   JavaC Booster 1.1
An extension of Java Compiler. Make Java Compiler faster and easier to use.
License:Shareware, 14 USD to buy Size: MB
9)   Java Menu Applet Collection 3.2
Tools soft collection contains menu applets with fade effect, slide menus, tree menus,and dropdown menus, and also charting and graph applets (pie and bar styles). Presentation applets like head scroll, newsticker, and fade ticker applets.
License:Shareware, 9 USD to buy Size: 0.566 MB
10)   Advanced Scrolling Text Software 4.7
This applet is very efficient and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experience. Supports Text, Images & Hyperlinks. Features include setting Colors, Fonts, Indents, vary the Pause between pages, Links, Scroll Speed, Background Image,etc
License:Shareware, 24.00 USD to buy Size: 0.096 MB
11)   AJAX Webshop 3.0
Webshop is very similar to the development pattern of Delphi, VB and is of great help to developers switching from C/S to B/S, from traditional Web to Ajax.
License:Shareware, 120 USD to buy Size: 99.92 MB
12)   2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software 4.65
3D Pie Chart provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of pie charts into web pages. Versatile components enable web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive pie charts.
License:Shareware, 49 USD to buy Size: MB
13)   dhtmlxGrid - JavaScript Grid Control 1.1
Cross-browser JavaScript grid control for displaying and editing tabular data in DHTML based tables. Comprehensive features include fast-loading (enabled by AJAX), column sorting and resizing, multiple in-cell editors, paging support, and more...
License:Shareware, 149 USD to buy Size: 0.29 MB
14)   JFrameBuilder 3.3.0
JFrameBuilder is an easy-to-use visual Java GUI Builder for Java Swing applications. It enables Java developers to create sophisticated GUI applications using drag-and-drop interface without spending a lot of time writing code.
License:Shareware, 166.50 USD to buy Size: 13.75 MB
15)   MoneyToys Refinancing Calculator 2.1
MoneyToys Refinancing Calculator can help your web site visitors decide whether refinancing their current mortgage is a financially sound idea by comparing their current loan with the possible refi loan. Easily installed with instructions.
License:Commercial, 39.95 USD to buy Size: 0.02 MB

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