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1)   TrueUpdate
TrueUpdate is a software development tool for adding automatic web or LAN updating to software applications. Quickly determines required updates and then retrieves and applies the necessary patch or installation files using secure protocols.
License:Shareware, 995 USD to buy Size: 17.31 MB
2)   InstallAware Express MSI Installer 9.0
The InstallAware MSI Installer builds sophisticated, visually appealing setups with support for the latest technologies, including IIS, Microsoft/Oracle/MySQL database servers, Web Updates, Partial Web Deployment, DIFx Driver installs, and Vista.
License:Shareware, 399 USD to buy Size: 12.49 MB
3)   InstallAware Developer for Windows Installer 9.0
InstallAware creates Windows Installer MSI setups with easy MSIcode scripting. Instead of populating MSI databases to build your setup, or being stuck with the limitations of visual designers, use the intuitive MSIcode scripting environment.
License:Shareware, 799 USD to buy Size: 12.49 MB
4)   MAKEMSI 06.299
Create or update MSI based installers for files, registry etc using an XML like script. Can use in automated builds (NMAKE, ANT, NANT builds etc). Builds a HTML report by default (with a "file verify" button). For both beginners and advanced users.
License:Freeware, 0.00 USD to buy Size: 5.55 MB
5)   SetupBuilder 6.7.2198
SetupBuilder 6 is a powerful and easy to use Installation Authoring and Configuration Management environment for developers and organizations deploying applications to the Microsoft Windows Platform, including x64, Vista and Windows Server 2008.
License:Shareware, 299 USD to buy Size: 11.68 MB
6)   RedShift - Installation System 1.6
RedShift enables you to create a simple, smart looking software installer in seconds. It produces a compact single-file installer ideal for distributing your software over the internet. Features include a realtime preview and JPEG splash screen.
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.64 MB
7)   InstallAware Setup Squeezer for InstallShield 1.0
The InstallAware Setup Squeezer intelligently unpacks your InstallShield setups, and then recompresses them using InstallAware's industry leading compression technology. Setup Squeezer is a fully automated, point-and-click wizard.
License:Shareware, 299.00 USD to buy Size: 1.35 MB
8)   Inno Script Generator
Inno Script Generator is a tool that helps you to construct and maintain installation scripts for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup. This new version of Inno Script Generator supported the newest versions of Inno Setup (Jordan Russell, Martijn Laan).
License:Freeware, 0 USD to buy Size: 1.95 MB
9)   Smart Install Maker
Save time on software deployment by creating installation packages in just minutes. Make full-featured installations with uninstall control and feedback, access to registry keys, INI files, etc.
License:Shareware, 79.99 USD to buy Size: 1.46 MB
10)   Setup Builder 6.04
Setup Builder is a powerful, reliable, easy to use and affordable solution for creating professional looking application installation procedures.
License:Shareware, 149 USD to buy Size: 1.55 MB
11)   Setup Factory
Setup Factory 7.0 has everything you need to make fast and reliable software installers. New project wizard, 20+ customizable screens, themes/skins, scripting engine, 250+ functions, runtime modules, multilingual installs, Authenticode and more.
License:Shareware, 495 USD to buy Size: 20.06 MB
12)   InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer 9.0
InstallAware builds Windows Installer MSI setups with completely customizable user interfaces and unique dialog controls. Build non-rectangular or transparent wizards, display bitmap buttons, standard or custom animations, even create tabbed dialogs.
License:Shareware, 1499 USD to buy Size: 12.50 MB
13)   EasySetup 3.09
Can package and install not only programs but all kind of files. Includes install and uninstall support for Windows 9.x/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003. Compress all files in a single executable. Setup overhead is less than 10 KB. What you see is what you get.
License:Shareware, 39.00 USD to buy Size: 1.22 MB
14)   InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI 9.0
InstallAware for Windows Installer can import existing MSI setup packages and let you customize their behavior. Using the redistributable automation interface, you may also remotely build your setups over web pages or on end-user machine's.
License:Shareware, 2399 USD to buy Size: 12.49 MB
15)   Interscope InstallMaster 1.1 Lite
Setup generation tool to visually design, build and test setups for any application on all Windows platforms. It supports file versioning, encryption, dependency checking, Start Menu and registry access and update, full uninstall and more.
License:Shareware, 99 USD to buy Size: MB

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