Hack password 1.0.1
This little program hides the windows password character. Finally you can type your passwords and actually see what you type.
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SoliCall SoliCall 1.5.7
SoliCall has developed an innovative software that helps VoIP users to reduce unwanted noises during calls. Screaming kids? Barking dogs? Keyboard-strokes? With SoliCall it will sound less disturbing than it really is. This free version is aimed at improving the sound quality when making any type of VoIP call (e.g. PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone). In addition, SoliCall can record any call. "SoliCall shuts out the noise...they get the job done"
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MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data, Text & Characters Software MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data, Text & Characters Software 7.0
Add, remove, find and replace characters, spaces, enters, tabs in multiple Word documents. Features include: add x to beginning of each line, add x to end of each line, add x before every y character(s) in entire, add x after every y character(s) in entire, remove all spaces, remove blank lines (carriage returns / enters), remove alphabet character(s), remove numeric character(s), remove alphanumeric character(s).
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AB Password Generator AB Password Generator 2.33
Generates one password or a list up to 999999 passwords with length between 1 and 999 characters. If it's generated only one password, it will be shown in a message box and will be copied automatically to windows clipboard. In other case, the list will be saved in *.txt file. The password(s) can contain letters and/or numbers and/or symbols and/or your specific text. Your text can be add at the end, beginning or in the middle of your password.
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Personal Advisor Personal Advisor 0.1
Personal Advisor. Our program allows to select personally for you a detoxification kit to flash all kinds of toxins out of your system and pass a drug test successfully.Making the best choice for you, our program uses several parameters: Sex Weight Type of body Type of drug Type of test Frequency of use of drug Based on this information, our program can exactly make suggestions of products proper for your standards .
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Email Attachment Transformer by Blaiz Enterprises Email Attachment Transformer by Blaiz Enterprises 1.00.808
Can't get your email attachment through? Transform your data to plain text with this quick encoder/decoder. Insert encoded text into your email and send. Person to person tool - your recipient will need a copy too. Integrated Help. Multilingual interface - see our Select Language. User Management - customise buttons, toolbar, scrollbars, font, background color, multiple schemes... Fully functional and free to use with "Stealth Options" disabled.
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Protected Passwords Base Protected Passwords Base 2.7
Means storing your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, and any other confidential data in a strongly encrypted password database file. No one except you will be able to recover your confidential data. Major advantage over the other password managers is the ease of pasting passwords from the database to various forms and entry fields in applications.
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Lobbytech Lobbytech 1.1
Visitor Management software for Vistor badges with photograph. Corporate Lobbies, Government buildings, Schools and many such places have the requirements for creating a temporary visitor badge. Normally, just a sticker is issued as a visitor badge but identifying the person is not possible because of such badges. The visitor register where every visitor fills-in all the details is not very useful because searching through the information is virtually impossible. Now create badges in just two steps.
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Password Squirrel Password Squirrel 1.0.70
This program allows me fast access to all of my passwords in an encrypted, password protected database. Password Squirrel makes it easy for you to have unique and extremely cryptic passwords for access to online services as well as making it easy to maintain document level passwords. When the program is launched, you have the option is entering a single password which grants you access to all of the rest of your passwords.
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Lobbytech Plus Lobbytech Plus 1.0
Visitor Management software for Vistor badges with photograph. This is a very powerful version which allows accepting appointments via mails . Scan visitors facility allows scanning through visitors photographs with the existing photographs. Various reports can be generated and even be sent over email to specific addresses. The badge generation is very flexible and one add backgrounds , logos etc. on the badge.
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Personal Passworder Personal Passworder 3.82
Personal Passworder keeps more than just passwords! This award-winning password manager will keep your passwords, serial numbers, credit card numbers, phone entries and other information safely and securely. You can even create customized groups for your data! All data is encrypted with hacker-proof, reliable algorithm. You will never forget your passwords again, because Personal Passworder will remember them for you!
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EZQuizTaker EZQuizTaker 1.0.1
EZQuizTaker allows you to easily build and administer or take multiple choice quizzes. Create quizzes with up to 1000 questions and up to 6 answers per question. View, print and/or email quiz results. Include optional helpful explanations for the correct answer to help the test taker learn from their incorrect answers. Create EZQuizTaker atimed quizzes and more! Great for businesses, schools/educational institutes, and for entertainment!
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IE Password Extraction Tool IE Password Extraction Tool 5.0.1
IE password recovery software is quickly and easily recovers logins and passwords for web sites. IE password unlocker can easily recover lost or forgotten passwords or keys from windows registry. IE password unlock program quickly restore almost all kinds of passwords such as Internet Explorer auto form and auto complete fields passwords, FTP passwords, auto complete passwords etc. Application instantly recovers HTTP and HTTPS passwords and login
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Access unlocker Access unlocker 5.0.1
Access Password Restore tool recovers lost or forgotten MS Access Database *.MDB Passwords. User can get MS access database passwords using recover MS Access database password utility. Easy to use recover MS access database password tool is helpful for small and large organization for restore lost and forgotten mdb database passwords unlock the access database password protection. Password retrieval for MS access database files has easy-to-use
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